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Chris Freter (24)

Echelon Cycling Team is a Racing Team Based in Columbus, OH

At Echelon Cycling Team our mission is to promote the sport of bike racing in Central Ohio and make it fun and accessible for everyone. But mostly we ride because we love it. We're not professionals here. Racing is just another way to have fun on our bikes. It keeps us active and motivated to get out and ride - especially on those cold winter days.

Our primary sponsor is Trek Store Columbus. They have three locations and we think they are the best bike shops in town. They give us great support and go the extra mile to make sure we are properly equipped for racing.

If you are considering getting into bike racing or want to learn more about the team, join us for a ride. Watch the calendar to the right to see when we are riding.
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What's happening @ Backroom Coffee Roasters Cycling Team

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Saturday • 2 days ago
I got to watch the TdF.....and a little Zwifting. Plus the skies looked like it was about to dump some more on us.  18 mile indoors
Friday • 3 days ago
Where did the storm come from?!?!?! Complete fail on my behalf, I woke up to sunny skies. Well it looks like more TdF and some Zwifting.....  1 mile errand
Rollers for 15 minutes and cooked with not having a fan.....AEP says no power until 3 pm. I'm going out to play in the rain.  5 mile indoors
Sprinkles to to heavy drizzle on the CX bike is better than cooking with no fan on the rollers....power is still out.  11 mile workout
Thursday • 4 days ago
It's hard to get out and ride when the TdF is on, especially when it is the Alpe d'Huez stage!!!!! Or a quite ride before work.  21 mile workout
Wednesday • 5 days ago
Post mom's out patient surgery to Frank's Marathon to pick up my car after need service. Thanks Frank!  12 mile commute
First time I have seen sunrise on the bike in years. Being good son & being there for my mom's surgery.  15 mile commute
Tuesday • 6 days ago
Long way around to pick up the daily junk mail....  3 mile errand
Morning windy ride with strong man JD. He was a hammer head into the headwind!  38 mile workout
Monday, Jul 16 • 7 days ago
Messing with saddles: Something old is new again, but after two weeks & try three of my old favorites, I'm back to current choice. Go figure  5 mile social
Two hours with Mr. Jackman and back just before the rain arrived.  37 mile workout
Sunday, Jul 15 • 8 days ago
Left the house at 8 am and got home from work at 8 pm. I was moving a little slow........ Can't wait to watch today's TdF coverage!  10 mile commute
Cool, but very humid commute to work and the PBS Sunday Morning Shop Ride.  34 mile commute
Saturday, Jul 14 • 9 days ago
Hot commute home. Any shade was very much appreciated.  11 mile commute
Missed the K.A. start, guessed where they went and guessed wrong. Had nice long ride to work anyways.  44 mile commute
Friday, Jul 13 • 10 days ago
Still tired, but starting to feel better. Rode a little with Pete on the way out and a little bit more with Rick on the way back.  28 mile workout
Thursday, Jul 12 • 11 days ago
Heavy legs, tired body and the wind was out of the N.E.  36 mile workout
Most of the way home. Out to Would Market for coffee beans and to meet the Lady Ms. Deb.  10 mile commute
Wednesday, Jul 11 • 12 days ago
Good way to start the day, a little TdF coverage and a sunny commute to work.  8 mile commute
Tuesday, Jul 10 • 13 days ago
A little bike love and care, a lot of the TdF and a quick spin for my legs.  17 mile workout
Monday, Jul 9 • 14 days ago
Hard to stop watching the TTT in the TdF or a Monday spin before work.  23 mile workout
Sunday, Jul 8 • 15 days ago
Long day done - commute home....  15 mile commute
Commute to work and the PBS Sunday Morning Shop Ride.  35 mile commute
Saturday, Jul 7 • 16 days ago
Started with the Kicking Asphalt Saturday Morning Hilliard group. Had some fun with them and then split off at Wells Road to head to work.  27 mile commute
Friday, Jul 6 • 17 days ago
First flat of the only took 3500+ miles. That what I get for rotating my tires last night ~  20 mile workout
Thursday, Jul 5 • 18 days ago
Out before work and back before the pop up storm. Felt like the storm clouds where following me.  20 mile workout
Wednesday, Jul 4 • 19 days ago
A nice 4th of July dinner with family and a night spin to watch fireworks with the Lady Ms. Deb  5 mile social
Thirteen miles for the original Thirteen States..... commute to work...  13 mile commute
Tuesday, Jul 3 • 20 days ago
Morning Ride with Craig J. before the day's heat gets out of control.  41 mile workout
Monday, Jul 2 • 21 days ago
I was fine with the rain, it felt great! I was not fine with the thunder and lightning. I thought better of it and quickly headed home.  14 mile workout